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IBERDATA's working philosophy is based in integrated services for our clientes, offering them the best solutions for maintenance and technological renewal with the best technical options, with a 24/7 personnal service approach.

We are integrated into more than 200 public and private centers and hospitals in Spain and Portugal, contribuiting to their competitiviness and efficiency and colaborating in the user and patient care quality.

What differentiates us?

1. lntegration of our technician inside the hospital
Total coverage and immediate attention.

2. Network of professional technicians available 24/7, all year round
Commitment and responsibility

3. Technological centre
Including third level electronics labs, repair of rigid and flexible endoscopy multi-brand equipment, repair of ultrasound transducers and probes, etc.
4. Quick restocking system
Large stock of consumables, as well as accessories, replacement parts and equipment loan

5. Replacement equipment 

More than 800 professionals all over the world work to give solutions to all the detectable needs of the sector. Qualified, experienced and committed people who offer, daily, the best technical and technologial solutions so our clients can be worry free.


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